Freezable Policy for 2014-2015 in effect as of November 7, 2014

The following freezable policy has been established to ensure proper protection and movement of freezable merchandise during the coming winter months.

1. Service

  • Overnight Points – Monday thru Thursday
  • 2nd Day Points – Monday thru Wednesday

Valley Cartage will NOT accept FREEZABLES on Fridays and any day preceding a Holiday.

2. Palletized Freight

  • Valley Cartage will NOT accept product requiring protection unless tendered to Valley Cartage on a pallet.

3. Notations

  • The body of the Bill of Lading must be clearly marked “FREEZABLE”.
  • The pallet must be clearly labeled “FREEZABLE”.

4. Temperature Control

  • Valley Cartage will NOT accept shipments requiring specific temperature control (example – Maintain at 45 degrees or similar notations).

5. Extreme Conditions

  • Valley Cartage will not accept freezable freight in extreme conditions.

Valley cartage reserves the right to delay delivery of certain freezable shipments. If there is a choice between delivering the shipment on time and exposing it to freezing or to protect the shipment with a delay of delivery – Valley Cartage chooses to protect and delay.

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