EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the process of creating, transmitting and receiving electronic documents between different systems. It is the accepted worldwide standard for structuring information to be electronically exchanged between and within businesses, organizations and other entities. It saves companies countless working hours, improves accuracy and gives companies realtime access to data which they would not otherwise have without exchanging countless phone calls and emails. Establishing an EDI bridge between companies allows for true cross-platform capability and effective real-time communication.

 The EDI Process

Valley Cartage, in working with our data partner Upnet Technologies, has eliminated much of the complexity of establishing EDI links by using Integrated Event-Data Exchange (iEDeX™) technology.

This unique technology translates EDI data into the exact language and format needed by individual trading partners with significantly lower costs for implementation and maintenance. Furthermore, iEDeX technology is extremely flexible, easily converting data into near real-time information without invasive programming changes or the addition of expensive software, hardware or staff. Valley Cartage, in conjunction with Up Net, complies with all nationally recognized EDI data formats and standards and we work closely with our business partners and with our customers to ensure data security and integrity.

Valley Cartage X12 EDI Transaction sets –

  • 204 Load Tender

  • 210 Freight Invoices

  • 214 Shipment Status

Supply Chain Logistics Center, Lake Elmo, MN
VC Tractor in the Morning 

Regardless of the volume of EDI transactions – from a couple per week to hundreds or even thousands – EDI though iEDeX technology works. It keeps the information flowing between our companies so we can both work smarter and more efficiently.

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