A Guide to Shipping

The Steps to Shipping

  1. Package Your Shipment
    Proper packaging prevents damage to your shipment. All freight should be protected with proper packaging in compliance with the National Motor Freight Classification.
  2. Label Every Piece of Freight on Your Shipment
    Complete names and addresses must be visible on each piece of freight to ensure your entire shipment arrives intact.
  3. Complete a Bill of Lading
    The bill of lading is a legal contract between the shipper (you) and the carrier. The bill of lading is a receipt for goods, a contract of carriage and a document of title. It is important to correctly fill out a bill of lading – it must state exactly what is being shipped, where it’s coming from and where it’s going. The Valley Cartage bill of lading is available from your driver or account executive or you may fill one out online and print a copy.
  4. Schedule a Pickup
    Schedule your pickup online or call 800.657.6936 to request a pickup. When the Valley Cartage driver arrives to pick up the shipment, please give the driver the completed bill of lading.
  5. Track your Freight
    After pickup, use our online tracing option to track your freight as it moves to final delivery. The entire shipment moves under a single tracking (PRO) number to final destination. For your convenience, you may also trace your shipment by the Bill Number, Bill of Lading Number, Trip Number, Purchase Order Number, Load Number or Booking Number. If your shipment is on a pallet, your shipment remains on the pallet. Individual boxes are not normally separated from the rest of your shipment.